Why I want to know the promises of God

“No,” God told King David.

The king had a grand and admirable plan. Since the Lord had been traveling in a tent up to this point, David wanted to build a magnificent temple to honor and worship the Almighty.

But God said No.

Instead, God turned the tables and made a huge promise to David—that David’s dynasty would go on forever.

David’s response in prayer is one of humility and then praise and thankfulness to God for what He has done in the past and what He will do in the future. Verse 25 of 1 Chronicles 17 gives us a model for our own prayers.

He begins in humility.

Who am I and my family,” he asks God, “that you’ve been so good to me?”

Who are we, Almighty God, that you have been so good to us?

Pause here. Ponder God’s mercy and goodness in your life. From the time He rescued you until now…look at all He’s done! His mercies are too numerous to count. Maybe you’ll want to focus on one, and exult in that and give Him praise.

“O, my God,” David prays, “I come to your throne boldly …”

The Word assures us we can come boldly and confidently.

“…because you have revealed your promise to me.”

Ah, we have so many promises God has revealed to us!

We’ve spent months here at this site, discovering what God has promised about our past and all of the things He says He will provide for His children daily. And I am still discovering. I want to know them all! I want to know the vastness of this treasure of hope I’ve been given. I want to enjoy the riches.

But, I remind myself, how can I claim the hope if I do not know it? And so, I dig into the Scriptures. It’s the one and only place I can go for encouragement and hope where I am never disappointed.

Paul wrote that the Scriptures (he would have been referring to the Old Testament writings) were given to teach us and encourage us as we wait patiently for God’s promises to be fulfilled (Romans 15:13). We have even more Scripture than he did. The New Testament adds layer after layer of this hope and encouragement.

“For you are God…” continues David.

He is God. The Almighty, the Father who surrounds His children with His love, who does not fail us and who keeps His promises. This is the God who holds our lives. This is the One our hope comes to…boldly.

“And you have promised these good things to your servant…”

My hope wants to know His promises for me, so that I can come to Him and say, Father, I’m coming boldly and asking because you have said you WILL do this for your children…

Some of those very important to me are the promises of new strength and refreshment. Ever need that?

And I often pray for wisdom.

I’m depending on the hope-certainty that He is making me into a new person. Hallelujah!

I rest in His word that no matter what is happening to me, He is the one holding me and always working for my good.

And—joy!—that I walk, enveloped by His mercy, goodness, and love, every step of my journey.

Oh, and another important one: His power can squash my human nature. I’m no longer a slave to the old me. That promise has freed me.

And I’m trusting His promise that my record has been cleared before Him. I no longer carry the guilt of my past. That’s also given me freedom and peace.

This post has stretched out today because my list goes on and on. I hope you’re still reading, because He has promised so many good things to His children.

And when we need all those things, when we’re desperate for hope and encouragement, we can pray boldly. He hears our prayers and has promised these things even before we’ve thought to ask.


(and hallelujah!)



Psalm Prayer:

Remember your promise to me;
It is my only hope.
(Psalm 119:49)


© Elaine Starner 2015 Photo credits: Thanks to Claire Pridgeon, Paul Stutzman, Lana Turner, and Mary Jane Smith for sharing photography I’ve used on this site. (Click on each name to see more.)

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