The love that rescues

The first draft of today’s post has been scrapped. It was going to be some of my own story of rescue, and yes, of course it would have been enthralling and fascinating.

But today I want you to think about YOU. Your story. Your rescue. Your Rescuer.

First, something for you puzzle-lovers out there. Remember the puzzlers you often did as a kid when you had two pictures that looked exactly the same but somewhere there were a dozen differences you had to find?

Question: What has changed on this page today? (Other than the obvious—the title and body of this day’s post.) Hint: There’s a clue word in today’s title.

Okay, okay, you don’t have to take time to look for it. I’ll tell you.

I’ve added another line to this week’s prayer.

I trust in your unfailing love.
I will rejoice because you have rescued me.

What’s your rescue story?

Psalm 18 contains what must be some of the most dramatic language in all of Scripture. It’s the story of a person entangled in the cords of death, overwhelmed by floods of destruction. “The grave wrapped its ropes around me.”

A prayer for help goes up to God Almighty.

The earth begins to shake and the mountains tremble. Fire and smoke and storms and hail and burning coals (interesting combination) and lightning blast from the heavens as the Lord comes down to save the one He loves.

Does your story of rescue by the Father who loves you sound anything like that?

Your story starts where mine does. At creation, when God planted within us a bit of Himself and eternity. And then the enemy came to ruin what God had planned. But God’s love did not desert us…or abandon His plan.

There was a ripping apart of heaven. A ripping open of a body and a draining away of lifeblood. The earth shook and graves opened up and spirits walked on the streets. A barrier too large for any man to handle was torn apart by unseen hands. And in the middle of the day, the earth shuddered under a black darkness.

A few days later, the earth opened again, and the powers of blackness and death were blasted apart forever.

And the Lord reached down to gather into His care those He had rescued.

In each of our lives, the Great Shepherd continues to reach down and rescue us on a daily basis. From the little frustrations in our path and the temptations to detour, from the enemy who still slips in and attempts to wrap his chains around us, and from … what else?

Finish the sentence with your own story. He has rescued you. So many times. From so many dangerous cliffs. The enemy keeps circling. And you and I—we make a lot of work for our Shepherd at times. We can be a stubborn, foolish lot. But He keeps gathering us back into His arms.

Not always so dramatically and not because we deserve it. But because His love just never stops.

We trust in your unfailing love, Father.
We rejoice—over and over and over again—because you rescue us.




Psalm Prayer:

I trust in Your unfailing love.
I will rejoice because you have rescued me.
(from Psalm 13:5)


© Elaine Starner 2015 Photo credits: Thanks to Claire Pridgeon, Paul Stutzman, Lana Turner, and Mary Jane Smith for sharing photography I’ve used on this site. (Click on each name to see more.)

One thought on “The love that rescues

  1. Rescued, redeemed and reborn. How great is His faithfulness! Once again, I am deeply mived by your bog post here. It is amazing, how God can whisper to the depths of our hearts. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing. God’s great blessings be yours.

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