Without a single fault?

Tell me: When you think of Almighty God, where are you in the picture? Are you cringing before Him, thinking only of your unworthiness, how He must surely be disappointed in you? Or are you standing in His glorious presence, free and without a single fault? Maybe even dancing with joy?

We are very much like Simon. We know the condition of our hearts and minds. We have this feeling that if we do come into God’s presence, He will be frowning and pronouncing judgment.

What does hope, living by God’s promises, tell us?

Now all glory to God, who is able to keep you from falling away and will bring you with great joy into his glorious presence without a single fault. (Jude 24)

Jude, the half-brother of Jesus, wrote that beautiful benediction over the lives of believers.

But how is it possible to come to God without a single fault?

I know the faults of my own life; I know I am not blameless. I acknowledge all the blots on my soul that would separate me from a holy and just God. How can I come into His presence with a clean slate and clear conscience?

How can I hope that the picture of standing in God’s presence blameless could ever be a picture of me?   

Christ is the Messiah. The Rescuer. The One who came to do everything for us that we cannot do ourselves. And that includes coming into the presence of a holy, holy God, and standing there, without a single fault. And … don’t forget to add great joy to the picture!

Tomorrow – Why it is possible


Psalm Prayer:

   you have endowed [me] with eternal blessings
and given [me] the joy of your presence.
(Psalm 21:6)


© Elaine Starner 2015

Photo credit: Claire Pridgeon

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